Tokyo University Held Visit to FEB UI


Tokyo University Held Visit to FEB UI

Tokyo University Held Visit to FEB UI


Safura Hijriana ~ International Office FEB UI

JAKARTA – On 17th-18th February 2020, students from Tokyo University participated in company visit to MUC Consulting, BNI Syariah, and Telkomsel.

In MUC Consulting, after hearing presentation about the company, the participants and MUC’s employees had focus group discussion towards the case given for each group. One of the MUC’s advisor, Mr. Maroto, who originates from Japan, also gave opening remarks for the participants.

In BNI Syariah, the participants learned about the differences between sharia banking and conventional banking which is kind of new knowledge for them. They were also shown how sharia corporate culture works in the company, like the employees stop working during the prayer times.

In Telkomsel, the participants were introduced to Telkomsel’s new products, by.U, the first “Digital Telco” provider in Indonesia. Telkomsel also shared their management system as being a leading company that can compete among the tight competition for internet provider in Indonesia.

At the end of the program, the participants were divided into groups and presented what they have learned from the companies that they had visited. Hoping Tokyo University students could learn a lot about business and its practice in industry. (Des)

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