Magister of Management FEB UI Global Field Study 2023 “Creative Economy, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability”


Magister of Management FEB UI Global Field Study 2023 “Creative Economy, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability”

Magister of Management FEB UI Global Field Study 2023 “Creative Economy, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability”


SOUTH KOREA – (30/10/2023) On Monday (10/30), Universitas Indonesia students began their Global Field Study in Seoul, South Korea, focusing on sustainability and transparent business operations. Led by an expert team and attended by prominent figures like Professors Yong Sik Ok and Jae Hyuk Rhee from Korea University’s ESG Institute, the event aimed to explore South Korea’s successful integration of these concepts into business practices.

During the visit, UI students were warmly welcomed by Professors Ok and Rhee. The professors guided them through informative sessions on ESG implementation in South Korea, facilitated interactions with enthusiastic PhD students, and discussed real-world experiences, offering valuable insights into South Korea’s successful integration of ESG principles into its growing economy. Learning about successful strategies in sustainability and transparent practices from this visit has provided UI students with vital insights into global business complexities.

Exploring South Korean Culture

Apart from their Korea University visit, students delved into Korean culture through hands-on experiences, including making gimbap, understanding premium laver production, and exploring Seoul’s N-Tower. These activities provided valuable insights into Korean traditions and local practices.

Hyundai’s Advanced Technology


On the second day, UI students, accompanied by six Sungkyunkwan University students, embarked on an enlightening company visit to the Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang. This immersive experience offered a profound understanding of the captivating realm of automotive technology, delving into the intricacies of cutting-edge automobile technologies and the meticulous assembly process of Hyundai vehicles. Through exhibits, shows, and hands-on experiences, students explored the assembly process and complexities of advanced automobile innovations, including Hyundai’s groundbreaking sustainable mobility initiatives, sparking curiosity and inspiring students to explore limitless possibilities in automotive engineering and design.

Uncovering Korean Cultural Heritage: Comics and Printing

UI students also explored the rich history of Korean comics at the Korea Manhwa Museum, tracing the evolution from traditional art to modern webtoons. They also learned about pre-computer printing techniques at the BookCity Letterpress Museum, appreciating the precision in text and image creation, deepening their understanding of Korean cultural heritage.

Sungkyunkwan University and KITA Visit


A third day visit to Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) became a platform for an insightful exchange of ideas and experiences. Led by Professor Jung Hong Joo, the UI students delved into SKKU’s academic learning processes, particularly focusing on a session about sustainability. Another exciting event was the visit to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), where UI students engaged in discussions with KITA partners on various topics, including business opportunities, new trends, and significant challenges in Indonesia and South Korea. The lively discussion was meant to help everyone understand how business works in each country, noticing what’s becoming popular, and exchanging ideas on important issues that affect both Indonesia and South Korea.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical: Global Expansion Insights

The session at Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, led by Doyoung Kim, the Head of Daewoong Pharmaceuticals Business Center, not only provided an understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, explaining ways to do business and how the company is important in the world market, but also offered insights into the future of pharmaceutical research, emphasizing the innovation and its impact on the industry’s growth and advancements.

Cultural Immersion on Nami Island


The fourth day of Global Field Study 2023 took participants to explore the beauty of Nami Island. Amidst the stunning natural setting, participants can enjoy the magic of autumn with the trees changing colors. Nami Island, famous as the filming location of the drama Winter Sonata,provides a unique experience with its wooden bridges, charming flower gardens, and enchanting street art. In this agenda, UI students can explore the uniqueness of Korean culture and enjoy the enchanting panorama of this beautiful island, leaving wonderful, deep memories along the journey.

Redpine and Ginseng: Korean herbal products

While visiting Red pine, UI students gained an in-depth insight into the health and herbal industry, witnessed the innovative production process and learned about the health benefits of their products. The Ginseng Industry visit offered insights into the herbal industry’s history and revealed the meticulous cultivation methods behind Korea’s signature herbal plant, ginseng, ensuring top-notch quality. With this experience, UI students experienced the rich nature of Korea also understood the important role the herbal industry plays in the culture and health of local people.

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