The 5th CILS International Law Conference



The 5th CILS International Law Conference

The first, second, third and fourth CILS Conference had been carried out with a great success. Numerous experts from various countries had attended our Conferences and given their invaluable support to its success. This Conference is launched every year in different places in Indonesia where the local Faculty of Law has an interest in developing International Law.


In this very year, the CILS Conference is coming back home to the Universitas Indonesia, where the development of international law is well treated by their renowned international law experts and the vast international law researches as well as international law publications. The Conference is therefore continued to serve as a forum of international law stakeholders in Indonesia and beyond to bring together ideas in promoting and developing international law to respond to the growing needs of having strong guiding principles in this borderless world.


The theme of this year is “International Cooperation” which is carefully chosen among other themes to picture the sensitive and strategic issues of cooperation among States and between States and other subjects of international law. Within this broad conference theme, there are four parallel sessions in which will focus on the following sub-themes: (1) Political Cooperation; (2) Economic Cooperation; (3) Social and Cultural Cooperation; and (4) General Topic.


Center for International Law Studies of Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia (CILS-FHUI) kindly invites you to submit an abstract to our incoming 5th  CILS International Conference. Please find attached the Conference’s flyer for your kind perusal.


We highly hope that you could meet our invitation and join us to develop international law with the spirit of good cooperation among States, also we would greatly appreciate if you could help us spreading this information to your colleagues.


For more Information please kindly contact:

Phone: +62-21-7871617 (Ms. Damayanti Athiah),

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Thank you for your kind attention.

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