Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia proudly present :

18th Scientific Meeting and Refresher Course in Dentistry (KPPIKG)

Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta on 10-12 October 2019 and Social Project in five districs of Jakarta. 

This triennial event is dedicated to dental all professionals and academicians, who want to enhance educational knowledge and learn best practices from the experts.

KPPIKG is also a right place for the representative of institutions to share breakthrough ideas and broaden professional network.

Over 1.500 visitors attended the 17th KPPIKG in 2016.

The theme of the 18th KPPIKG 2019 is "Engaging in Global Oral Health : Translating Advanced Research into Integrated Clinical Practice."

This year KPPIKG will be held in conjuction with : 

1st International Seminar on Clinical and Research in Dentistry (ISCaRD)

4th International Workshop on Dental Research (IWDR) 


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