FEB UI and HVF German Held Public Management in Indonesia and Germany


FEB UI and HVF German Held Public Management in Indonesia and Germany

FEB UI and HVF German Held Public Management in Indonesia and Germany


Safura Hijriana ~ International Office FEB UI

DEPOK – On 17th – 21st February, FEB UI together with HVF Germany held winter program “Public Management in Indonesia and Germany”.

There were short lectures delivered regarding recent issues in public management: “Civil Service Reform” by Prof. Prijono Tjipto Herijanto, “Population Mobility” by Dr. Hera Susanti, “Public Administration in Java” by Dr. Khoirunnurrofiq, “Financial Inclusion in Indonesia” by Chaikal Nuryakin, Ph.D., “What Does Public Management in The Future?” by Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman, Ph.D., “Indonesia-Germany Economic Cooperation” by Dr. Fithra Faisal, and “Unity in Diversity” by Turro Wongkaren, Ph.D. In this opportunity, Christian Rabl, M.A. as person responsible for pre-departure preparation for DAAD scholarship holders also gave remarks to the participants.

After the lectures had been delivered, there were discussions and presentations by Indonesian and German participants. German perticipants also conducted poster session discussing about Brexit, Marriage Life, Public Administration, Recycling and E-Mobility, Dual Study System, Welfare State, and Work-Life-Balance in Germany. There were also visit to Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro (DKUM) Kota Depok, Kementerian Pariwisata (Kemenpar), and Jakarta Smart City (JSC). In DKUM, there were discussions about how DKUM gives training to small and medium enterprises in order to gain their revenue yearly.

In Kemenpar, there were discussions about the plans made by the ministry to attract foreigners to not only visit Bali, but also other regions in Indonesia, that is why the infrastructures in Indonesia should be improved. In JSC, the participants were introduced the concept adopted by Jakarta Smart City which is based on 6 pillars: Smart Governance, Smart People, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart Economy, dan Smart Environment. At the end of the program, traditional foods and clothes were displayed by both Indonesian and German participants.

Indonesian participants joining this program are heterogeneous. Most of them are FEB UI students, and others are from graduate students in FEB UI and civil servants from ministry. This program benefits the participants to explore what should be maintained and improved in both countries, Germany and Indonesia. Hoping this kind of program would keep continuing in the next year. (Des)

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